9 myths about dog baths

Frequency products to use, and even a debate on the real need to do so, are some of the themes that hover around the bath dogs. We tell some myths about worthwhile to discard when grooming your furry.

1-If wild animals do not bathe; we do not need

In nature, animals tend to resolve the issue of cleaning with a good mud bath, the pound parasites. However, in the cities, where pollution and toxic abound, bathing dogs is not only a matter of aesthetics, but of health.

myths about dog baths

2-A canines no baths only followed you

The most recommended is that the furry be sanitized on a regular basis. How often it does, depend on many things, including the characteristics of their fur. Consulting the veterinarian what is most appropriate for your pet. In addition, dogs suffering from skin diseases or allergies require more frequent and specific products bathrooms. Continue reading “9 myths about dog baths”

Pessimism is also a danger for dogs

A farmer wanted to make a contest between his dog and rabbit. He hid a bone and a carrot. While the rabbit began to dig and dig, the dog remained in place bemoaning how difficult it will be to find the bone. The rabbit was not discouraged with each new hole was but thought he already had less to eat your carrots. You see, pessimism is a bad counselor, even for dogs.

Meanwhile, the dog was still lamenting. The rabbit, when he no longer had to dig site, made a tunnel following his nose. So until he found not only carrots, but also the bone. You know where I was? Right under the can! If pessimism had not seized him, the hairy might have found their prize only using a small part of your instinct.

dogs pessimism

This is just a story called the pessimist dog shows that animals can have different moods. They can become pessimistic. This attitude is dangerous for the dogs and I’ll explain why.

Dogs with optimism versus pessimism dogs with

A study in Sydney would corroborate the fact there really pessimistic dogs, and he did. Two musical tones with which about 40 dogs of different races that the sound of one of them will have milk instead of water as taught prize were used in the experiment. Continue reading “Pessimism is also a danger for dogs”

6 tips to better control your dog’s barking

You know your dog’s barking serve to warn us of danger, as a sign of affection or expression of happiness. However, there are times when they become unbearable. In the following article we give some tips to control excessive barking of your pet.

Tips to reduce your dog’s barking

First of all, you must remember that barking is natural for your dog as it is their way of communication as people have the words. But it is also true that you, as leader of the pack, you must control the barking of your dog not become a nightmare.

Some breeds are more labradoras than others. Furthermore, according to the tolerance threshold you have to noises, you will have to implement several or some of the following recommendations to avoid the barking of your dog:

dogs barking

1. Fixes

Choose a strategy to tell the hairy must remain silent when barking too. It can be a look, a specific sound (eg “no”) or a physical correction (giving a soft touch by hand). Once the animal understands that this is the signal to stop barking, it will be easier to achieve the goal. Continue reading “6 tips to better control your dog’s barking”

Tips to master the walk with your dog

The dog is a social animal, used to live in herds when found in the wild. When we notice that our friend misbehaves to go for a walk, you might have gifts of “leader.” However, you can get to control their behavior and generate a stable and comfortable environment for him. Check out these tips for managing walk with your dog.

In any case, your furry friend should be understood that the leader in the walk you and not him. That way you will control the decisions to be taken on the ride, and get their respect and loyalty.

dog walk

The struggle for dominance in the walk with your dog

If you have noticed that, your dog has problems common behavior, such as pulling on the leash during walks, bad manners around other dogs and people, or barking and whining, you might have a fight with you to be the leader.

Without an established pack leader, your dog will feel the need to take on this role himself, and it can generate different conflicts of conduct. Continue reading “Tips to master the walk with your dog”

Chow chow, a charming and beautiful dog

The Chow Chow is known for many years and has been featured in songs, movies and more. It is characterized by very different from the other dog. It has a long, lush hair and a peculiar character.

Many may be confused with a lion or even a tender and loving bear. Although you will discover in this article that his character has nothing to do with their appearance. As they say, “appearances are deceiving.” We know more about this animal.

chow chow

All you need to know about the Chow Chow


As you know possibly, its origin comes from China. About 2,000 years ago, but until 1800, it was not known outside the country. At first, it was used as a guard, then as a pastor, as a pet and as a hunting dog. Unfortunately, it also became meat a delicacy, although this was banned in 1915. Continue reading “Chow chow, a charming and beautiful dog”

How does the sound of rain in dogs?

Dogs are often fearful before certain sounds or events that draw than usual. Storms and rain are among them. Although there is always storms, it has seen many dogs are simply frightened by the rain. Why does this happen? What makes the furry are afraid of water, whether stormy or not?

Rain effects in dogs

Your dog enchants You might water and become crazy when you go to get him into the shower. No clutch, if you take a walk and it starts to rain, the discomfort he feels leads him to be released and want to find a place to hide.

sound of rain in dogs

Feel the water falling on your skin can cause nervousness or anxiety. It happens especially if your dog already have any of these things or is very sensitive. To improve this, if you live in a place where it rains a lot, take it out when the waters fall lighter. Take an umbrella that can cover you both. Continue reading “How does the sound of rain in dogs?”

4 most common mistakes when feed your dog

Due to lack of knowledge or encourage us to ask the vet, you may you are making mistakes to feed your dog. Do not worry it’s nothing serious; everything can change and improve health for your furry. Meet this article frequently when feeding your dog fouls.

Errors when feed your dog

To avoid health problems, bad habits or overweight dog will have to change your habits when you feed. Typical errors we make as owners are:

1. Leave the food ‘outdoor’

Under the guise of “equal is for the hairy”, we do not pay much attention to the storage of food. But as with any food, the bacteria responsible for breaking it down if exposed to air and moisture. Thus it is more likely that the animal sick.

dog feeding mistakes

Use eg feed bags to keep you cool at all times and close it well. If you give your pet wet food such as rice, then stored in the refrigerator. Any container must be clean and tightly closed. Continue reading “4 most common mistakes when feed your dog”

The 7 most dangerous diseases that your pet may suffer

Although want to take care of how responsible your furry, unfortunately, like people, perhaps ill at some stage in their life. I hope that never happens. Anyway, you should be aware. That’s why we have data on some of the most dangerous diseases that can affect pets.

Meet the most dangerous diseases plaguing hairy

Pets sometimes have signs that do not feel good. But on other occasions, these signs are not entirely clear. Or, when they appear, the disease is already well advanced.

It is therefore recommended that, in addition worming and vaccinating your pet according to the timetable laid down, take her to the vet regularly to assess their health status.

pet dangerous diseases

1-Lyme Disease

Also known as borreliosis, this disease is caused by bacteria. It is transmitted by Ixodes ticks. In dogs it is associated with various health problems. Among them.

  • Arthritis
    Deformation of joints

If the Canine Borreliosis is diagnosed quickly and was admini stran the animal the right antibiotics, you can get to overcome. For cats, the disease rarely occurs. But if not treated early, it is usually fatal. Continue reading “The 7 most dangerous diseases that your pet may suffer”

How to teach your dog to track

We all love our dogs know how to do special things like going around, to bring us the newspaper or to seek us things. The latter, although the action track is something innate in animals, it is not easy to teach a dog to crawl just what we want and we bring.

It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible either. In this post we will give you some tips so you wake up that instinct might be asleep.

How to awaken the instinct to crawl into a dog

Teach our dog track is much more than bragging to our friends, it is to awaken an innate sense that can probably be asleep. It is important for their development and socialization to carry out their instincts.

teach your dog to track

Looking for a place free of odors

To start training a dog track in action is important that we seek a place other than tracking. Looking not be many odors and have not been many animals out there.

As you learn it, you know how to differentiate the smell that wants to track everyone else. But meanwhile, must begin in this way. Of course, select an outdoor area, because at home will be difficult to find something. Continue reading “How to teach your dog to track”

How to teach a dog to cross the street

Most dogs go crazy to go outside. Although we can do to keep his composure a bit, when it comes to cross the street, things get complicated. They want to run and jump on cars without thinking about what might happen.

It is obvious that they do not think. So, do not see the danger embark on a road may entail. It is our duty not only keeps an eye on, but trying to learn how to cross the street. Can you really teach a dog to do that? Yes, and we will show you how.

Teach your dog to cross the street

There are two main orders that the animal must learn: still or sit and goes or we go . These are essential, they say the dog exactly what to do.

Teach your dog still order

Choose a place such as a table on the floor, or even a plastic table. The animal must be on it and when you want to move must say “No” (something sure your dog already understands what it is) while you hold it with your hands and say “quiet”.

teach a dog to cross the street

The dog, when you hear that order several times, will associate the word “still “the fact that you cannot move or go anywhere. Then we descend to the animal of where you are and let loose. We will tell still as we pointed out. Continue reading “How to teach a dog to cross the street”